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Health Literacy and the Quality of Physician-Patient Communication During Hospitalization

This article by Kripalani et al (2010) analyzed patients’ ratings of the quality of physician-patient communication during hospitalization and how this varies by health literacy. The authors conclude that physicians received relatively poor ratings on their Consideration of patients’ desire and ability to comply with recommendations. Patients with inadequate health literacy experienced lower quality and clarity of hospital communication along multiple domains.

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A Conversation on Cultural Competence with Cindy Brach, Senior Health Policy Researcher, AHRQ

This dialogue with Cindy Brach discusses the importance of health literacy initiatives being recognised and implemented alongside cultural competence in interventions. Brach focuses in this case on interactions of minorities in the health system, and barriers that can be overcome using a culturally competent and health literacy approach.

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The Health Literacy Project: Phases 1-3

In 2000, a joint health literacy initiative of The Centre for Literacy of Quebec and the Department of Nursing of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) began studying the complex combinations of factors involved with literacy and health and attempting to identify how various specific barriers to patient communication can be recognized and addressed. The qualitative study was with patients who had been identified by nurses as "hard-to-reach," and provides interesting discussions about oral communication with such patients (by addressing their health literacy needs).

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Re-engineered discharge project dramatically reduces return trips to the hospital

This article from AHRQ discusses changes to patient discharge processes in a US medical centre (that addresses areas of health literacy) as part of engaging Project RED. The checklists involved had astounding results.

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The Health Literacy Environment of Hospitals and Health Centres

This National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) study guide (166 pages) and the review tools found within it offer an approach for analysing literacy-related barriers to healthcare access and navigation. The guide is designed to assist hospital or health centre employees to consider the health literacy environment of their facilities and find ways to reduce demands and better serve their patients.

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Hospitals, Language, and Culture

This website, created by the Joint Commission, provides lots of information and resources for hospitals and medical practices to improve their patient safety and cultural competency, which in turn raises awareness and understanding of the importance of health literacy in improving patient safety and cultural competency.

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Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems – CAHPS

This website outlines the CAHPS programme in the United States, part of a public-private initiative with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in developing standardised surveys of patients' experiences with ambulatory and facility-level care.

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