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Health literacy: setting an international collaborative research agenda

In this article, Protheroe et al (2009) discuss the 36th Annual Meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Group's session entitled "Studying Health Literacy: Developing an International Collaboration". The debate centred around three distinct themes, including: (1) refining HL definitions and conceptual models, (2) HL measurement and assessment tools, and (3) developing a collaborative international research agenda.

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Health Literacy Around the World: Part 1 Health Literacy Efforts Outside Of the United States

The results of an effort to learn about health literacy activities ongoing around the world are reported in this paper by Pleasant (2012). This paper is prepared to stimulate workshop discussion and help to: initiate a dialogue among existing organizations from all sectors; document the use of health literacy in international contexts (policy, practice, and research), and; examine health literacy interventions, measurement, practice, and research.

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Health Literacy ; A global snapshot

An international perspective on health literacy initiatives (including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland) with discussion on best practice and developing quality strategies for Victoria, Australia.

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