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Keyword: public health

Health Literacy ; A global snapshot

An international perspective on health literacy initiatives (including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland) with discussion on best practice and developing quality strategies for Victoria, Australia.

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Health Literacy and Cancer Communication

This article from Davis et al. provides insight into the complex array of difficulties patients with low health literacy encounter in cancer screening and in understanding symptoms of cancer.

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Low Health Literacy and Health Outcomes: An Updated Systematic Review

This article from Berkman et al. provides the research behind ARHQ's updated eponymous guide, providing a suggested health literacy research agenda. (Only the abstract is available without subscription.)

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Health Literacy in Wales: A scoping document for Wales

This scoping report identifies a Welsh definition of health literacy, explores implications for Wales, provides an overview of current activities, considers measurement opportunities, and offers evidence-based recommendations for the Welsh Assembly Government’s consideration of how to improve health literacy in Wales.$FILE/Health%20Literacy%20Scoping%20Document%20FINAL%20Sarah%20Puntoni.pdf

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Physician Overestimation of Patient Literacy: A Potential Source of Health Care Disparities

This article from Kelly and Haidet investigates physician overestimation of patient literacy levels in a primary care setting. The research found that overestimation is common, occuring more with minority patients providing a source of disparities in health care.

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New Directions in Research on Public Health and Health Literacy

This article from Cynthia Baur discusses a public health approach to health literacy. Baur examines the use of four frameworks to examine public health and health literacy and produce new findings about health literacy.

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NZ Health Navigator

This website provides health information and self-help resources for New Zealanders to help navigate the health system and make better health decisions.

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Understanding Health Literacy: An Expanded Model

This article by Zarcadoolas, Pleasant, and Greer provides a useful synopsis of health literacy through history, comparisons and concepts to provide a useful model to understand the importance of health literacy.

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The Health Literacy Style Manual

This guide (105 pages) is a resource to improve and develop applications, notices, and other print materials related to government health programmes with a focus on health literacy.

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The Contribution of Health Literacy to Disparities in Self-Rated Health Status and Preventive Health Behaviours in Older Adults

This article by Bennett et al. assesses whether low health literacy contributes to older adults with low self-rated health status.

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